Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Artist: Noxious of AZ ~ A Hip Hip Hippity Hop Match For My Rock Dream

Musical inspiration, genuinity and passion come in many forms here in Phoenix, as I recently learned.  This is not limited to the general rock genres that you have been reading about here for the past month since the birth of this project.  Yes, I am absolutely partial to a heavy stringed bass and carnal vocals, however change, acceptance and reaching out is a fantastic way to improve your soul.  As you have read in the previous post, last week I was privileged to witness another form of musical art from our very own Valley of the Sun.  Local hip hop.  I've never been a fan, in fact, abhorred most of the modern beats, artists and groups alike, mainstream sell outs from the "hood" making millions and rapping, bragging, about it.  Hypocritical and incredibly vain, these artists tend to grind my gears in the worst way. 

My perception of hip hop has definitely been limited to those exposures and frankly, I regret basing a genre on mainstream hypocracy.  This, in and of itself, makes me a hypocrite as well, right?  So, to make amends to a genre and the local, passion driven entities within it, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you an individual who not only matches my passion for the art of creativity via music as well as some views on the issues at hand, but is just as accepting of different avenues of expressing it as I have been the past week.  No bias, no hatred, no "cliques" to be held fast to... willing to share with me their desire and drive to create a magnificent piece of musical art, regardless of my own lack of knowledge in the art form. 

Noxious of AZ, was terrifically awesome. Two white boys in baseball caps, the one in green being Noxious himself, the other named no other than Symatick. The boy in green was fast and furious! Slimshadyesque, yet individualized and unique at the same time, those two railed off word after word, lyric after lyric, chorus after chorus. Another entity that made me want to bounce. Moving around on stage, with seemingly important purpose, they took over the stage and the audience. Creating a tone of non-frivality they certainly understood their calling. To express themselves with a vocal and beat pairing that unequivocally surpassed the prior two acts.  You certainly have started the process of proving me wrong in regards to hip hop. Being local in addition to having a great presence on stage is a big gold star with me.

Phoenix dwellers, music lovers, and creators of a quickly dissapearing avenue of true enjoyment, I wish to share with you Noxious. 

Who are you?

I go by, Noxious of AZ, just one of the assholes you see on stage and I am usually seen with another asshole who is known as, Symatick. We lead the BPS (Been Pushed by Society) movement.

How did you  meet Symatick?

I caught Symatick his first high long ago during our hoodlum years, although as far as music is concerned, we found our beginning as party-battlers, who lived for the next emcee challenge, a cliché start among most rap artists and wordsmiths. After learning the fundamentals of music and hearing enough of the sewage that is savagely spread across a translucent industry, we decided to take action as revolutionaries. We stepped up our game in the studio in search of a higher form of expression involving a grander audience and here we are.

What albums have you released?

Inside the Mind of Nox (3/17/09), The Rapper’s Rapper (4/2/10), Helepolis (10/10/10). The next Noxious of AZ installment is expected to arrive 10/11/12.

What drives your music?

There are multiple forces propelling my push in music, but the desire for change, growth (on a personal and societal level), evolution, and revolution, are some of my main motivators. I enjoy seeing others expand intellectually and artistically in every way imaginable. Growth should be a constant until death. The moment we stop growing is surely the moment we start dying!

Give me an example of your music and lyric writing process.

The beat begins it all a high percentage of the time, which I may or may not participate in depending on where it is originated and/or licensed from, then comes the lyrics, which are all originally written by the artist performing them (generally beginning with a thesis or hook to convey the underlying message), and then it is through the studio time that we refine the overall arrangement. Topics, themes and tactics are so sporadic most of the time that the process is always in the air, excluding two important processes that are common in our current productions and they are: Change and Deletion. We try to uphold the Motown philosophy. Trash is trash (GIGO).

What inspires most of your music?

Inspiration is found by turning on the radio or television, opening a magazine or any other form of current publication spread by the few who have their hands in the pockets of the many. It is interesting to research ownership of the various forms of media like television and how the ownership has dwindled to just a select few parent companies that branch off in convoluted ways. We all see where we are (physically, mentally and spiritually), but we all know that we deserve much more in terms of equality than the major foundations are willing to give us. The injustices are ungodly, although many individuals accept them as they are, because that is the way it is and their idea of a fix has been displaced as a disillusioned dream among hopeless dreams, which gets worse as gradual time goes on. Change is always an option for those determined to enact it! Freedoms should not be made available to those who can purchase them or receive them by affiliation; freedoms should be an expectation for all and we should accept no less. The inspiration to be a voice within an echo should be inspiring enough for anyone to speak up and express themselves for what they are, which is an individual contributing to the all.

You guys are SlimShadyesque, what sets you apart from Marshall Mathers?

I am not one for comparisons. I feel many want to easily relate someone or something by giving it a widely known label or simile as opposed to redefining a new interpretation to others, as it is more complex in fashion. Artists undoubtedly reflect qualities from all of their inspirational intakes that contributed to their development, regardless of genre or aspect, and these reflected qualities may be seen more heavily in an artist’s early development, yet their true self is always there, we just need to see them for who they are, not who we expect them to be.

How would you describe the Phoenix hip hop scene?

The Phoenix Hip Hop scene is for sale to anyone in search of monetary gain who has the funds to make the investment! Artist are pimped out by lazy promoters who could give a shit less about good music or talent. Unfortunately, Hip Hop and Rap are not the only genres suffering this reality, as it is a widespread notion to conduct music business this way here in the Valley. There are great artists and terrible artists in AZ, but fans must ultimately decide which ones are which.

Do you prefer playing large or smaller venues?

A venue and the occupancy of that venue do not matter to me. The atmosphere that only music can create is the same when shared in any place and the energy exchanged between a fan and an artist electrifies the soul, regardless of the setting!

Do you have a favorite venue you like to play?

I have no favorite venue. To me a venue is to an artist as an artist is to a fan or a fan to an artist, in that we are meant to enjoy the intake of many forms and types of each, and we should encourage such diversification of enjoyment as the circle created by doing so tends to feed itself.

What artists have you played shows with?

I have done shows with too many local acts to list, and most are appreciated for their music and their efforts beyond my words. These acts know who they are! As far as national acts, I stick to the underground scene.

Do you have a favorite artist to share the stage with?

My favorite artist to rock a stage with is Symatick, the hype man extraordinaire and fellow rapper! Isolyst a.k.a. DJ D-Lerius is an all-around cat who is usually accompanying us on and off the stage, whether he is rocking the wheels of steel, hitting a mic or creating an intoxicating beat to move you. Another homie I do not mind sharing the stage with, whether he is performing with me or vice-versa is Tyler Chaz, who I currently engineer for (check out is album binHEAR, free via SoundCloud).

When is your next show?

The next experience is The Psycho Circus Show with Brotha Lynch Hung and Twisted Insane in Tempe, AZ at the Red Owl / Club Red, which is March 30, 2012. I will be appearing on stage with the usual suspects.

Where do you see yourself going in the next three years?

A few years ago I would have had a hard-headed response for this question, but as of now, it is hard to even tell where I am heading three months out without having severe fogginess disrupt the vision. Things are starting to pick up and I am truly thankful for the exposure and support I am getting, along with my counterparts. All love all around!

Some Metal rock bands use classical music as an ambient background while they create.  Is this the same for rap or hip hop?  What do you do to assist you with the creative process?

Yes and no. As my interest in engineering peaked the first thing I learned from a highly-revered AZ engineer is that music has no rules and we are bound by no restriction. Inspiration can arise out of any sense of sound and Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, or whatever else is in consideration, all take from that which is appreciated and adapt it around a particular genre or audience, so it climatically suits the environment it is presented to when we are acclimated to it correctly. Any atmosphere will offer a stimulating sense of euphoria that is inspirational. This inspiration will come from no other setting, so it is appreciated for what it is, while it is appreciated, but our tastes differ from project to project, so from brain-storming to mastering, our techniques are forever changing as we test the lawlessness of music!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the fans in Phoenix?

It is easy to find one’s self singing lyrics to a popular song, due to an intoxicating rhythm or a habitual broadcast, but I urge all audiences to listen to what a station or channel is hyping and to understand the message behind an artist, their executive producers and/or their presenters! Everyone has an agenda beyond money and to think monetary value is the only influential factor behind one’s push…well, that is just absurdly naïve.

What inspired the name Noxious?

Some things seemingly appear as a threat before being accepted as an acceptable alternative. Noxious definitively relates to something that is publically regarded as harmful, destructive, morally corrupting, and/or injurious to overall health. One must destroy something to create anything, so I am harmful to those whose foundations I am an engine against, as they are those who I and others alike find to be the ones morally corrupting the public. Detoxification of mind and body are desirable necessities of evolution and it may be a dreadfully painful process to endure, but it is an essential function that I am willing to contribute to, until I am forever breathless, and so I am Noxious of AZ!

You can click above to hear their music, or click the streampad below to enjoy Noxious' corrosively unique rhymes.  The songs featured specifically on the streampad are from Noxious' Helepolis album. 
*Pics Courtesy of Noxious of AZ himself
There is not much else to say that hasn't been said already, my underground dwellers.  I have to admit I never expected the Hip Hop to be this indepth and personal to myself.  I want to thank Noxious for participating and for inducing like minded individuals of the "other third" of the main underground structure by encouraging you rock mongers and punks to check out their show on March 30th.  You may be pleasantly surprised, as was I, in what this genre is capable of. 

Perhaps next I check out the country genre?  What surprises lurk beyond cowboy hats and Wranglers?  Do I dare walk in with my flaming hair and shocking attitude?  I want your input!!  Everyone has been so quiet the past month since the inception of this project, I think its time local fans start sharing their stories as well.  Don't leave it up to the bands, artists, and myself... Share YOUR musical soul as well!

Live fast, die with a melody in your head.  Happy music making Phoenix!! 


Friday, February 24, 2012

From the Chronicles of Live Shows: Diversified

I found myself at the Big Fish Pub again last night.  This place is quickly becoming my favorite east valley dive.  Friendly staff, smiling and awesome hair.  I have to admit, though... I felt out of place. Im a punk, a rock monster, and even sometimes an alternative whore. But one things for certain... I am not a fly girl. Before going to the show, I looked up Horrorcore... the ascribed genre that was playing there... And was expecting a Marylin Manson/ICP hybrid. What I got was a hip hop show. With no instruments, just a beat, rap and hip hop are a staple for the pop scene.  How can I say, though, that this site is for the local dive scene, if I don’t expand my horizons and include other genres, even those I am none too familiar with?

The first act was full of energy.  They were so into their lyrics, feeling them and expressing them with boisterous gestures... articulate and even. These guys were the Twin Kill-az. Brothers, however I am unsure as to whether they are actually twins.  They carried a good following in the crowd.  If you can imagine me, moving to rap, these guys were definitely making my soul happy. Expressing their talent with a prodigious amount of uniform verbal communication, these boys definitely have their art down from what I can tell.    
(Yes, I consider these my action pics :-))
The second act was Backwoods Butcher.  His first song went straight to the cock. My first impression with him was sloppy and uber rap. And whats up with the mask? Good voice and flow, however I thought to myself, the Twins were better.  He then pulls an Andrew Dice Clay... Yea, no comparison to the Twins.  I guess I just don’t understand Horrorcore... Rap? Rock? ICPesque knock off?  Pretty much every song was about dead bodies everywhere. As a rock monster, I couldn’t help but compare this to Korn, who I felt expressed it better. I was absolutely floored, however, when the Butcher exploded in a maelstrom of chime beats and vocals. And guttural, carnal roars. I can definitely say I am bias towards the roars and melodies, being a rock girl. But even his flow at that point grew to an incredible tornado crescendo of words.  If I were to like hip hop (I am starting to, so stay your blaspheming intricacy!) I would have to say that this rap yokel knew what his proverbial musical digs were, yo! Absolutely great guy too.  I had a chance to chat with him a bit, and he does have a reason to wear the mask.  Can anyone guess?  I will be revealing the reason in a future interview with the artist. 
(If anyone wants to donate a camera to my cause, it would be coo, coo.)
Third act, Noxious of AZ, was terrifically awesome. Two white boys in baseball caps. The boy in green was fast and furious!  Slimshadyesque, those two railed off word after word, lyric after lyric, chorus after chorus.  Another entity that made me want to bounce.  Moving around on stage, with seemingly important purpose, they took over the stage and the audience.  Creating a tone of non-frivality they certainly understood their calling.  To express themselves with a vocal and beat pairing that unequivocally surpassed the prior two acts.  Great job, boys!  You certainly have started the process of proving me wrong in regards to hip hop.  Being local in addition to having a great presence on stage is a big gold star with me. 

The last act, who calls herself Rayven Chylde, was very audience oriented and participated.  Stationing herself on the floor, instead of onstage, she involved the purpose of the show, Lady V.  Introducing her and explaining she had just turned 21, she proceeded into a duet with the birthday girl.  Whether she was involved with the label as an artist or simply a friend of the group, she did a pretty good job, playing off of Rayven.  There was a third party to the act, and from Reverbnation I am going to assume he is Dubbz Manson.  His head was donned with a hardcore style set of ass length red dreads.  Very hardcore, very individuality inducing.  Both members were scrolling around the crowd, involving everyone.  I have this to say about Rayven… she has a great voice, not only in her rap but melodically as well.  As a hip hop artist, I got the impression she was experienced and practiced.  Twice talented vocally, Rayven is definitely an artist to go see in person. 

As mentioned above, I had a chance to chat with Backwoods Butcher.  One question I asked, as I had never heard of the genre of hip hop before, was what it was.  What made it Horrorcore versus regular ‘ole rap.  He expressed that Horrorcore tends to be just what it sounds like, hardcore.  Doing things that the traditional, though already racy and degenerate, genre of hip hop does not dare to do.  So, after seeing it firsthand and getting a better definition of this particular genre that my oh so confused mind had originally baffled, my impression of local Horrorcore thus far... Rap with a hardcore image. 

If you are into hip hop and rap, all four sets of artists are a must see.  Delving deeper into the local music scene I am, and am happy to spread the love of the diverse individuals of Phoenix.  Happy music making, my creatures of the beat!  Keep creating, keep playing!  And I cannot reiterate it enough, fans in Phoenix, keep supporting those who share their passions with us.  They give us a gift of music.  Lets give them a gift of an audience. 


Corporate Fauxmerica

What is the cost of having kids these days?  It is the diapers, feeding them, clothing them… making sure there is a roof over their head, and gas in the car to transport them places… cost.  The things you exchange green paper and shiny coins for.  Product.  Service.  Possessions.  I think there is a lot more.  The cost of having kids goes far beyond monetary value and material possessions, or at least the renting or borrowing of these possessions.  The cost of having kids includes the emotional toll and mental investment.  Time, energy and love.

I will not cloud this post with statistics but provide you with an opinion of an individual who has lived and worked hard simply to survive.  Survival… eating, sleeping comfortably, living… basic needs.  Creature comforts, I admit, are not necessity, however it sure makes a happier family.  Electricity to provide heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.   Lights.  Washing clothes.  All part of modern society, and taken for granted until you can’t pay your bill.  Yes, all these things people lived without, in the old days.  But you can have your kids taken away from you by the government for not having electricity in your home.  You can have them “rehomed” like a pet if they feel you are not caring for them properly.  You can have your own flesh and blood wrenched from your grasp at the word of someone who “feels” they are being mistreated.  I feel fortunate this has not happened to me, however I do know of a family torn in two because certain, frivolous issues arose that were beyond the mother’s control.  The loss of a job. 

Recent events in my life, changes… have ever reminded me of the total investment required for my children.  Two little warriors, one a cancer survivor, the other a brash and opinionated three year old.  Today’s society requires much of a mother.  It expects feats far beyond those of Wonderwoman, Hawkgirl or Black Cat.  A literal superhero based in the domestic.  Political correctness and societal taboos aside, assumptions about one’s life and how it should be “led”, imposed views and third party brainwashing of children, creates turmoil and confusion in such a life.  Following your dreams, taking care of children and dealing with life’s negativities… a daily struggle to keep a head held high and back straight.  This, on top of the above mentioned costs, sure antes up the total expense to having kids. 
Video Courtesy of Rich Ornelas
Cost.  Cost of living, dreaming, surviving… it all costs money.  Remember, that paper and shiny coins?  What is the real value?  Possession is 9 10ths of the law… you buy something, exchange this currency for a product or service, pay for renting a roof or leasing a vehicle.  These are yours only if you continue to pay.  Stop paying for one reason or another, it gets yoinked out from under you.  The problem with the welfare system is that there are too many people taking advantage of it and not enough helping those who need it.  When my son was going through treatment for his Retinoblastoma, I had to cut my hours to part time numbers.  This caused a problem with being able to pay for those things we needed.  Food, namely.  So we applied for food stamps.  Denied.  Between my part time salary and the salary of the boys’ father, we made too much.  We were fortunate to have a loving grandmother who is willing to help out when needed.

So, the non-tangible cost of having children, besides loving and cherishing them, is working hard to keep them supplied with the tangible.  Sending them to daycare, putting in 8 hours at work, and spending another hour to two hours driving to pick up kids and getting home.  Where is the time to spend loving and cherishing the kids?  I know this is the norm in Fauxmerica’s society.  I am not alone.  I am not saying I am.  I am just an individual with experience in real life America.  What was the United States founded on?  Freedom.  From oppression.  From a controlling entity.  To gain the freedom to say what you want, act how you feel, and live happily.  How can we live happily when we work too hard, trying to find a second job to supplement the first, to pay for those things that keep gaining in inflated prices?  Oppressed America is, obsessed by money and statistics, not wanting to see how life really is.  Besides the government aspect, corporate America has been gaining momentum in losing loyal employees by not providing enough of a compensation to support it’s non management employees. 

The recent events that have inspired this rant are thus: 

I have worked for the same company for 12 years.  With the occasional hiccup in questioned loyalty to it’s employees, I have remained at said company.  I will not name the company or the names of those involved, out of respect.  The position I was in until this past Thursday was a management position running a department in the store.  Non union and one of the only positions in the store where I have to pay for my benefits.  $130 a week.  I made a decent salary, working anywhere from 32 to 45 hours a week depending on how busy the week was.   Was barely making it as it was being a single mom. 

I performed the same duties day after day, year after year for six years.  Half of my tenure at the company.  I put my all into this position, working six and even seven days a week some weeks.  Staying later than others to ensure the job was done right. Despite the dedication, performance issues for my team had become a problem for the past year.  Angers were flaring and unwanted corporate attention grew.  With the help of store management, we were able to pull the team together into a semi cohesive unit that functioned it’s duties to an acceptable level.  And consistent.  I have to give major kudos to those kids of mine, working their asses off to improve their performance.  For that I thank you.

I will go back to when I transferred from the corporate office to the retail sector of the company.  I was approached by the individual who ran that specific sector of the company.  She told me that she needed someone to run a department in a store closer to my home.  Commuting an hour to and from work was wearing on me and my vehicle, so I readily agreed to apply.  I have kids, and the daycare doesn’t open until 6, so it was understood I would not be getting there until an hour and a half after the shift technically started.  The rest of the team started the shift, I would assist in the duties of the job, and finish the shift.  By myself most of the time.  Again, the dedication. 

Six years we functioned like this.  I won’t go into more detail than necessary for these specific circumstances, however there is more to the story.  Successfully at times, and others struggling with production and performance.   All I can say is I worked hard, hard enough for management to see how hard I was working and keep me in the job for six years. 

A week and a half ago, I was asked to step down from my position.  With the raise in production numbers, it was obvious that was not the avenue to rid themselves of me.  Dropping a dollar and half in pay, losing full time status, which means I will be given the left over hours.  I am being moved from a corporate management position to a union general position, so despite my 12 years with the company, I am a new hire.  Bottom of the totem pole, last to bid for shift, one with the least seniority.  I do have to say that store management and other entities fought hard to ensure my position was kept, and I thank you for that.  However, company policy ultimately won out.  They do not make special schedules for individuals, and even though I had been working this schedule for six years, with the knowledge of the individual who approached me and convinced store management at the time to hire me to fulfill this position.  This same individual who a week and half ago, decided my life was no longer convenient for the company.  I felt railroaded, I am not gonna lie.  Corporate Fauxmerica can strip you of your title, your pay and your hours within days, however still feel obligated to make you pay those corporate benefits until union benefits “kick in”.  So here I am, stuck virtually without a paycheck for the next six weeks, having to pay for inflated gas prices to travel to and from work everyday at decreased hours, decreased pay… life a shambles, unable to feed my children properly, keep electricity on, losing my apartment… after 12 years with the same company.  Now THAT’S loyalty. 

To add to this, I do have a college degree.  $30,000 in student loans.  $400 per month.  I made the decision to go, online, at inflated credit hour prices, so I could work full time, take my son to his chemotherapy appointments, and attend college full time.  I say sometimes this was the worst mistake I have ever made.  I don’t have a job reflecting this college degree, and it sure does not help getting a job.  I am unable to even find a second part time job.  THAT’S Fauxmerica. 

I am not the only individual who is suffering at this major corporation.  Employees who have been working there for 20+ years have been demoted, transferred and cut from full time to part time in favor of newer, lesser paid employees.  I do not fault the newer employees, who are also college degree holding, experience riddled individuals who need jobs too.  But settle for minimum wage as they cannot survive due to loss of job or simply acquiring a second one.  Again, this is the norm.  I understand.  But how can corporate Fauxmerica even comprehend what these people are going through, sitting in their crystal corporate palaces, getting somewhere fast on the shoulders of their underpaid, overworked employees?  I reiterate… I do not have statistics.  All I have is my experience, and the witness of others in my retail family that this company is taking advantage of and overlooking countless times. 

The whole point of this rant is this: America is not America anymore in respect to the principals it was founded on.  How can we be free if we are oppressed in the mental?  By society and taboo, our own government neglecting it’s citizens, hard muthafuckin working citizens, in favor of promoting and supporting corporate Fauxmerica?  And corporate Fauxmerica cutting hours, pay and benefits…
Song for the hard muthafuckin workers of America!
One of the aspects that started this downward spiral is the benefits.  Medical: sick care, well care, ect.  Prior to 2010 or so corporate benefits were copay based.  So with the around $100,000 my own little warrior gathered in cancer treatment bills, we paid a miniscule amount.  Twenty bucks here, twenty there.  Otherwise, I am sure that on top of life’s expenses and student loans, I would have thousands more in medical bills I would have to cover on my decreased salary. 

Today’s plans are deductible based.  Which is a widespread problem across the country.  Most people I know can’t afford a $300 upfront payment for emergency surgery, or a $2000 deductible, though accumulative, when the first visit they go to is a $2,600 follow up appointment for the oncologist.  THAT, again, is FAUXMERICA. 

I apologize, if you haven’t already guessed what this term is, let me splain it to yoo.  Corporate Fauxmerica.  To me, in my eyes, government and corporation coincide.  They play off each other, help each other survive, deny citizens and employees, all one and the same, from surviving comfortably in this societal maelstrom of madness.  Big business has created a government all its own in our society.  Statistics and numbers and profit… that is what it is all about in Corporate Fauxmerica.  You work hard, supersede your company’s goals for the most part, and eek by.  Then comes the point in the decision making process on the part of the corporation to cut costs.  This made by taking hours and pay from long termers at the company and giving it to lesser paid newer individuals.  Scandalous.  Just like the government, obsessed with numbers and statistics and how much money they can bring in by taxing the people.  And using it toward unrelated issues.  Like WAR.  And senate raises.  Whores.  Drugs.  And designer clothing. 

Corporate Fauxmerica.  An entity all its own, a fake version of the original, citizen minded country it was created for.  Impersonating an entity that cares for its people.  A loving parental persona, not sweeping everything out from under the feet of it’s children.  Selfish, prideful, obsessed with making everything look good on paper… when in reality, the picture is all that matters.  A drab colored, dejected picture of a country who once fought for it’s populous, not against it, not taking advantage of it, but fighting along side it. 

So to you, my fellow Americans, I say we make an attempt to fix what is broken.  I am one individual who is sick of living this way.  Rejected by my government and railroaded by the company I have been loyal to for 12 years.  If you feel the same way I do, share my post.  Share the message… fight back against Corporate Fauxmerica.  Help support those who matter, smaller business, family owned business.  Shop local, support local, create a business!  Find a way to keep business away from corporate monstrosities, stop the monopoly on our lives!  I don’t know if this will make a difference, but I sure wanna try.


*video propaganda shared on this site is for your information.  enjoy and watch. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Band: Eve Sol ~ Rock

Musical talent is everywhere here in Phoenix.  From 14 year old punk guitarists, to 50 something old school metal heads, and everyone in between!  One thing is static, however:  making music for the elation of getting on stage and emulating into music whatever it is that drives the passion. 

No matter what it is that drives the music, my goal is to share and support all those local bands here in Phoenix.  EveSol can be described as a metal/screamo fusion of jazz/funk bass, trash guitars, old-school metal drums, one alternative singer and one guy that is just Decide/Iced Earth in one voice box. It’s this creative conglomerate of genre and individual talent that I was intrigued with.  I was impressed by the band ability to make it look hardcore on the stage. They had a lot of energy and did play some good stuff.  

They don’t have much in the way of online music, however the songs they have on Reverbnation are slow and steady, with the hardcore vox in the middle and toward the end.  Pretty consistent with each song.  So if you wanna hear what they can really do, you should check them out… their next show is at Joe’s Grotto, March 3rd.   

Here is EveSol:

Jordon ~ Bass
Jason ~ Vocals
Joseph ~ Vocals
David ~ Percussion
Ethan ~ Guitar

Who are you?

We're EveSol based out of Phoenix, AZ

How did you guys get together?

We've been friends for some time, one day we just sat together and threw the ingredients into the air, and voila!

What albums have you released?

None, however we are in the process of releasing our first EP.

What drives your music?

Life, Emotion, Positive energy, Pain, the ability to share.

Give me an example of your music writing process.

Check us out!

How would you describe the Phoenix music scene?

We're trying to go balls deep in the devil's vagina.

Do you prefer playing large or smaller venues?

It does not matter to us, we love playing everywhere we can!

Do you have a favorite venue you like to play?

All of them!

Do you get nervous on stage?

More of an anxious anxiety, as opposed to being nervous.

What bands have you played shows with?

Only those that have played with us!

Do you have a favorite band to share the stage with?

We've enjoyed sharing the stage with Machine Gun Vendetta, Contrary to Reason, Mad dog Tannen, 69 Sins.

Whens your next show?

March 3rd @ Joe's Grotto, come out!

Where do you see Eve Sol going in the next three years?

Pleasing 10x  the amount of ears we do now

Out in the East Coast scene, a band member mentioned in his experience most of the guys that create music such as his and other variants of metal have orchestra and symphony instrumental back round and love classical music.  Is this true for you guys?

Yes, we love all kinds of music!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the fans in Phoenix?

Watch your kids around water.

And kids, I would like to leave you with this last question, which I thought was an interesting answer. 

What inspired the name EveSol?

We leave that open for speculation, as it has several meanings.

From their Reverb website, they have this to say about the name:
eve Noun/ēv/
The day or period of time immediately
before an event or occasion
Sol Noun /sol/
From Latin, the sun

Interpretation from an individual who has heard them live:  This is the eve of their band’s success.  Room to grow, polish their talents as a group and potential for a great cohesive group in the future.  Like most local bands, all start with one purpose, in one way.  A group of likeminded individuals getting together to create music, all having this same drive to share what they do.  Like an infant sun, each band has potential to become stars.  Whether that band will grow and persist to become a giant supernova or not, first they must become a sun.  So, EveSol, with confidence I can say that your name actually fits your band, you are in the eve of your stardom.  It is up to you how long you take and how far you want to take it.  Any band can get together and play, it takes persistence and creativity to become a supernova.  Our own local, Valley of the Sun, Supernova. 

So keep creating and playing, I would love to see more diverse stuff online!!  And to those fans out there… Keep supporting! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

From the Chronicles of Live Shows ~ Hops and Octane, Beer and Gasoline

It's Friday night. I love Fridays cause that means the week is over and I can blow off some steam until next week begins. At least that was the plan. What more can you ask for, but some great bands, booze and great friends. This night I found myself in Sun City, Az. Before you say anything, Sun City has changed from retirement homes to strip malls and outlet stores. The young have invaded and so did I.

Located on the border of Surprise is nice little club in a strip mall, called the Octane lounge. What makes it great is the fact this surrounded auto parts stores, detail shops and storage units, so I doubt a pair of custom rims are going to complain about the noise. The negatives are the fact that it has a unibomber shack sized stage (CBGBs if anyone remembers the stage), elongated bar, pool tables and two darts machines and professional sound booth, all of which take up too much room. This means that your looking at 100 people or 110 if we don't breath. the Octane is not about numbers though, it has a life of it's own and not located near any main hubs and with the different crowds in the area, it has a life all it's own. In fact, you kinda get that stereo-typical Arizona bar feel. Cowboys driving suburbans and bikers riding Goldwings and custom Harleys. The one thing that stands out is the fact the all the waitresses are actually singer/guitarists in pushup bras, that well, like to have fun and really get the crowd going.

When I arrived that the club, it was just getting going. It wasn't until asked to pay a cover that things got, well weird. There was a booking issue. After conferring with the sound guys, things came into focus. These guys are pros with extensive experience. They are also not bashful about it. They also have experience with stage lighting and stage effects, enough to make anyone nervous. They did however make up for the over-confidence in the fact that they had backup bands and backup waitresses.

Despite the lack of the band I wanted to see, I have to say, I had a BLAST!! That’s what counts, right? And to stay true to the name of the venue, while enjoying a cigarette outside, up rolls an awesome vehicular piece of art. I don’t know much about it, however touching it put a rush through my body. Getting in it even more so. Gangsta.

The first band to take the stage after a brief and thorough sound check (I did mention the sound guys were very experienced, right?) was Evesol. Evesol is a metal/screamo fusion of jazz/funk bass, trash guitars, old-school metal drums, one alternative singer and one guy that is just Decide/Iced Earth in one voice box. I was impressed by the band ability to make it look like a hardcore on the stage. They had a lot of energy and did play some good stuff. It was all going great til they tried a ballad. Everyone knows a good ballad starts slow and the builds and they just crawls. Not my choice for a last song. Just saying.

Next up, was Enirva. I was thinking it was going to be a clawhammer set. I just got that vibe. Man, I was so wrong. These three guys jump up on stage and pulled a Zeke. I do not lie. If you like Zeke and Against the Grain with some Melvins. See these guys. Tonight was the night the Octane Lounge lived up to its name. Oh shit, yeah. These guys pull off the great live set I have seen in years. The guitar and bass were dead on pulsating with the Drums. They even pulled a fast Black Sabbath cover. And just to make my heart race, they pull 7 minute Buzzo tribute by playing a song while standing right next to their amps. 3 guys with big fucking balls out sound. It wasn't until talking to the guys that I figured out they were in bands in Seattle. I am willing to bet they went to the same show I did or at least spent a lot of time at the Moe. Lesson learned here is one, you gotta see these guys live and two get your ass to Seattle to see Zeke and the Melvins play at their home club, the Moe.

*Pics courtesy of Glendale Punk. 
Thanks for covering my ass on
this chronicle...
Remind me to stay away from
those pink shots! 

All in all, I think I wanna bring some hardcore to this club. Who's with me?! My fellow music courtesans, visit this venue and check out these bands. Spread the word!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Band: Enirva ~ Stoner Rock Southern Style

Who likes awesome creativeness?  I do!!  Enirva is a great group of boys from Mesa.  From riffing guitars to thrashing drums, its all rounded out by metal vocals.  On stage the energy is high and loud.  Mixing an influence of a mainstream band with their own musical talent, Enirva puts on quite a show of vigorously energetic rock and roll.  Hailing to the southern style rock, Enirva also has a couple great songs slowing things down.  Expressing their instrumental flair, they place a halt on mad energy and construct an air of transcendent axe melody.  If you appreciate a good guitar solo, then these guys would be a wonderful choice for you to go see. 

I had a chance to meet Enirva this past weekend, and I gotta tell ya, they were down to earth and eager just to please the crowd.  You can listen to their music online at Reverbnation.  Having a fantastic energy onstage as well as creatively presenting music, they can be found next at Ice House Tavern March 3rd.  Not too far away, kids!  Getchoself a ticket or seven and enjoy! 

As always, my wondermous phoenicians, it is a pleasure to share with you another local band full of musical veracity. 

Enirva is:

Tony - Vox/Guitars
Tom - Bass/Vox
Joe - Drums

Introduce yourself!

I am Tom/bass-vocals for ENIRVA

How did you guys get together?

Back in 2001, I seen an AD in the New Times for guitar player seeks bass and drums to form a band.  A list of influences were included..Kyuss, and a few others.  I can't remember all the bands he had mentioned in the AD, but it caught my attention specifically for the bands that were listed.  Anyway, I called him up and we went from there.  Just to backtrack a bit, I moved here in 1996 from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan after graduating from college with a few friends that I played with back in Michigan.  That never really transpired, but my good friend, Joe, moved here in 1998.  He is a drummer that I played with on and off back in Michigan.  We had that itch to start a band and that is when we discovered Tony's AD in 2001. When we started way back in 2001 we were called Medea and released two albums. Joe got married and moved to Virginia so Medea broke up and Tony and I formed a heavy doom metal band called Mosara. That eventually bit the dust and Joe ended up moving back here so we decided to reform under a different name and write new material. We changed the name to Enirva and there you have it. In a nutshell. A gigantic nutshell, or pistachio.

Whats in the name?  How did Enirva become your identity?

Tony came up with the name and we agreed that it sounded cool and nondescript. We just wanted a name where you couldn't tell what kind of music it would be. A band like Cannibal Corpse you know it's not gonna be polka standards.

What albums have you released?

Two albums worth of material so far on Reverbnation that you can download for free...still working on a proper release, but just want to get our music out there.

What drives your music?

The love of playing it live. It sounds like a cliche but it's true. There's a high about playing live which to me is the best sort of feeling one can have. Whether your playing for 10 people or 1,000...It's an adrenaline rush.

Give me an example of your music writing process.

Usually Tony will come up with a riff and we'll work off that. I might come up with a bass line and Joe will come up with a drum pattern and we just arrange them accordingly. Very jam oriented. A feeling and vibe and then usually a structure starts to form. It's definetley not rocket science.

Hows the Phoenix music scene?

The scene is well represented by all sorts of great bands in different genres.The heavy rock scene in a stoner/doom/sludgey sense is flourishing.

Do you prefer the large venues or smaller dives?

Smaller dives. The places we play are fantastic. There not dives in a traditional Bukowski-ish sense but cool little place with great sound and awesome people.

Do you have a favorite venue you like to play?

Yes. We love them all! The Hollywood Alley, High Octane Lounge, Chasers, The Rock, The Rogue etc. Even the places we haven't played yet but are looking forward to...We love you also!!..We just love to play and they all have their heirs about them.

Your music has a lot of Black Sabbath influence.  What other bands influence you?

There are so many influences that we all love. To many to list here. Just hit up our facebook page. Were all just genuine fans of music in general. Black Sabbath is a great place to start though.

Out in the East Coast scene, a band member mentioned in his experience most of the guys that create music such as his and other variants of metal have orchestra and symphony instrumental back round and love classical music.  Is this true for you guys?

Yes. Beethoven and Liszt and Rachmaninoff among others. I think all classical music is an influence whether a band knows it or not.

Of all the shows you have played, which was your favorite?

All of them.

Whens your next show?

March 3rd at The IceHouse Tavern in Phoenix on 40th st. and Thomas.

Where do you see Enirva going in the next 3 years?

Just keep on keepin on. Playing music we love to play and writing new music and hopefully playing more gigs to more people!

Is there anything else you would like to share with the fans here in Phoenix?

Yes. Support local music and the local music scene! Thank you Nyx for helping that out by profiling local bands and coming to shows and getting the word out. We appreciate it! Cheers!!!!!

Thank you, my talented and ever inspired Enirva!  Again, another fantastic musical entity from our very own Valley of the Sun.  Visit their Reverbnation page, or Facebook, and I know they have t-shirts for sale... I got one.  Who doesn't like band t's?  Unfortunately, in my sleepless daze, I couldn't get the music into this post right, so if you wanna listen go to the above mentioned pages or stay tuned tomorrow!!  Will definately figure it out someday...

Enjoy the band, support the scene, and shop local!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Punk Rock Grapefruit ~ Phoenix is so Punk Rock fruit grows that way

Courtesy of Tangie May

Once again, my like minded citizens of Phoenix, Arizona proves to have such a great musically inclined attitude fruit is emulating this spirit!! 

This weekend is chock full of musical talent, so stay tuned for more material!!  Feast or famine, I know its been a while since somethings been put up, but just wait... the best... is yet... to come. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

From the Chronicals of Live Shows: In the Spirit of OI!

OI!  What a fantastic way to relieve some unwanted stress.  Punk punk, punk punk punk, punk PUNK!!!  Hardcore, screaming, FUCK YOU punk.  Catching back to the days of Rancid, Lagwagon, Bad Religion, and a punk scene staple the Vandals, last night’s show was a mini version of my perfect night.  Energy filled, ear drum crushing, unadulterated  thrashing punk.  It’s been a while, folks.  Definitely.  But seeing those bodies out on the floor once again, after show after show recently of almost NILL audience movement, I realized that the local music scene, as a whole, needs to catch up with it’s energetic sub-counterpart: Punk. 

The show was as the Yucca Tap room.  A great place to see a punk show.  Compact yet roomy, the stage and floor area make it easy to entice ner-do-wells to the front of the stage for some rough enjoyment.  Ahhh, joys of punkhood.  I wore a bad choice of garb for the genre of show, an easy to tear away skirt, otherwise I would have been in the middle of the pile of sweaty, hurdling, mashing bodies.  Oh, punk… the pit, how I love thee… hurt me, tire me, play me  I love a good tossing around.  Rough me up and throw mebruise me, break me, RAVAGE ME!

Wow, enough of my fantasizing.    Sorry, kids.  Got a little carried away.  On to the show… 

So, the first band was not punk, but an energetic equal all the same.  One Dollar Death.  Metal, crashing instruments, roaring vocals… I do have to say, this guy Jesse gave a level of carnal vox that shook my whole body.  In general, besides the bass (for which I have a personal preference) the vocals are the next best thing to sex.  Its no instrument, not an extention of the body… it is the body.  Not many individuals can create a sound out of that whole in your face that makes people want to listen.  I have heard metal bands that have vocals that make me want to puke.  And not in a good way. 

Now, on to the PUNK:  The first punkers that played was called Oi Industry.  They had a fun set.  Just crazy, oi bending, fist making punk.  The second band, which I actually heard online and wanted to check out in person, the reason I was there… Rotten Youth.  Wow what a show.  I actually left my seat to get closer… holding myself back from getting in amongst the bodies out of fear of losing my skirt, I enjoyed the show from standing next to the bar.  In typical punk fashion, audience interaction was at 100%.  Great show punkers!  I look forward to seeing your next show, and you can guarantee I will be jumping into the horde.

This reawakening of my punk spirit has made me think.  The generally consensus is that punk, as a true genre, is dead.  Dead by losing legends of punk, and newer bands trying yet failing to recreate an era long gone.  Conversations a plenty, discussions I have with fellow punkers and musical associates always end up the same… disagreeing on the origination of “the punk”.  To me, punk is an individual, something that makes the person who they are.  For an off topic correlation, take religion for an example.  You can say you are a member of a church, but do you follow the teachings?  Never stray from the provided path?  Is it hypocritical to say that you believe in something, but not live it?  Now back to the music, yes, you can like the music and listen and enjoy and not be hypocritical by living a middle class lifestyle.  But can you say you are “a punk”?  

The whole point I am trying to make is punk is not dead.  Yes, commercialized bands have taken punk to a whole other avenue of music, however it is not the same as when it was given birth in the 70's, not the same as in the 80's, and no... not the same as in the 90's.  What I am used to.  Change is something that happens, the natural course of things.  It is healthy and can assist in moving society along.  The word is not dead, just changed.  No, it will never be the same, however there still are those that carry on true punk tradition, as witnessed last night.  It is within the individual, and the expression of that is what makes it punk.  Punk was founded on values of anarchy, aggressive music and an expression of who gives a fuck.  The way they dress amplifies that and reaffirms the value.  Corporate Business tries to stifle that by forcing dress code, along the entire line of the body.  Piercings, hair color/style, tattoos, clothes, and facial hair.  They absolutely have the right to establish these rules to ensure a uniform and “presentable standard” for their company.  Pop culture also establishes a set of uniform standards.  Each genre has specific set of brands and style that individuals pay for.  But... but, how many of you wear garb because you want to, or is it because it is coolI am a firm believer in self expression.  From my hair color, my gauged ears, and my leather bracelets, it is me.  People notice when I don’t have red leather on my wrist and they egad at my natural hair color.  I have even been descriminated against professionally and personally, as a mother and as an individual, because of this.  They assume things based on my outward appearance.  Assumption is a dangerous creatureBut, its me.  I am not who they think I am.  I will always be me.  Just as who you are, how you dress, how you act, will always be you. 

My message to you, as individuals and citizens of Phoenix and beyond, express yourself!  Show the world who you are.  Not who they want you to be, or who you want them to think you are because you are cool.  There is too much conformation in this world, follow simply to belong.  I don’t care if you listen to rap, pop, country, metal or punk, or any other genre.  Just be you, enjoy your music.  Simply, be you