Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Band: Gone Baby Gone!! ~Rock

Gone Baby Gone, from San Diego, is a femme fronted band who rocks out like they are on the beach, their sound is devastatingly surfer rock reminiscent. And by devastatingly… I mean, this girl gets up on stage with such a fierce attitude, silky-corrosive voice and crashingly intense stage presence, its too bad for the boys she’s on stage and not on the dance floor. Vocals aside, the strings and sticks are just as passionate and into their conceptions of composition. Rock n Roll fans… Check out Gone Baby Gone!!

There is so much energy attached to their live sets.  Like most bands, they get up on stage and enjoy their time, however these crazy kids make a tornado of dynamic foursome oneness.  Playing their instrumentals, the three supporting members play as if an extention of a vocally ferocious body.  Equally fierce in talent, tone and agreeably tumultuous verve, all four members play a fantastic live set as well as record their energy onto their CDs.  A  fireball of GBG tangibility is genuinly translated onto that plastic round circle in my stereo. 

Be sure to click on the streampad below while you read, the answers will make sense.  My favorite song, Miss Bossy, is a personal dedication to  all those boys I've had the pleasure of meeeting in the past couple of years.  You all know who you are.  So, dwellers of the Valley of the Sun and beyond, I give you, Gone Baby Gone. 

Dizzy ~ Vocals
Sgt J ~ Guitar
Trips ~ Bass
Addy Gee ~ Drums

Who are you?

dizzy: um...  ex-rock n roll villains turned superheros… from san diego.

What inspired the name Gone, Baby Gone?

dizzy: the affleck brothers, mostly casey… we wanna lick his face.
actually, our band name is sort of a philosophical look at personal identity and other weird shit that we can't be bothered with discussing in detail bcus we have had too many fireball shots.

How did you guys get together?

addy: We usually have a few spots where we meet up and practice, so getting together usually involves us making some phone calls and driving to a predetermined place.

What albums have you released?

sgt J: We catch and release albums periodically accordance to state wildlife regulations.

Give me an example of your music and lyric writing process.

all: Ever see that old commercial where the guy with peanut butter runs into the guy with the chocolate bar? Its a very similar process.

What drives your music?

all: coffee, booze, more coffee. .. and happy brownies.

What inspires your music?

dizzy: my future ex husband zac efron
addy: bacon
sgt J: carmel sauce lattes

Does the fact you live close to the beach give muse to your creative process?

sgt j: Some say they hear a surf rock sound in our music. I have been to the beach to listen to some rocks in the surf and cannot find the correlation.

Veronica!! Where do you get your fierceness??

sgt j: She once lead a girl scout troop assault on a local dispensary. Turns out the pot brownies were out selling the Thin Mints. There were heavy casualties.
dizzy: rrawrrr

Do you have any inspirations or heros?

sgt j: voltron.
dizzy: barbie, that bitch has everything.
addy: mrs. robinson in the 4th grade... hand jobs after computer lab every tues and thurs.
trips: sting.

String boys, Tripps and Jay… What is the biggest challenge while on tour?

sgt j: Finding a joint that serves Jagger at night and Lattes in the morning.
trips: rocking sgt j to sleep

And Addy, what influences your stick styling? What keeps you going on tour?

addy: usually I go for sticks that are pretty long but not too thick. it also helps if they have a little bit of color to them. white ones tend to stain my cymbals.
as for what keeps my going on tour, the guitarist and bassist switch off every couple of days giving me a proper enema. nothing keeps me going like a clean rectum.
no seriously, the thing that keeps me going on tour is the constant threat of the unknown. Whether you're facing a bus on fire, a crazy stalker fan, or a guitarist that won't take no for an answer, you need to be on your toes to deal with it all.

Hows your local scene?

all: for this question we will defer you to our local music advisor jake skolnik  (feel free to call him directly at 619-320-0488)

Do you prefer playing large or smaller venues?

all: Ask any girl, size does matter!

Do you have a favorite artist to share the stage with?

dizzy: dahni harrison… bcus he's yum.
addy: no- 2 hr drum solo, yes please!
sgt j: I do like Van Gogh or George Seurat... you know he invented the pixel??

Do you have any suggestions for those visiting the San Diego area as far as where to go if they are looking for a fantabulous local music experience?

dizzy: bar pink..  gone baby gone's official secret lair. (except on fridays and every forth or last  saturday.)

Do have plans to come back to AZ?

sgt j: yes, we plan on shooting our next video while jumping motor bikes across the grand canyon. it'll be epic.
dizzy: yes in may. it's the only state on tour…. where our label gets me my own personal doorman on our rider.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the music fans in Phoenix?

trips: not herpes.
all: see you in may @ the rogue bar.

Citizens of Pheonix!!  You read right, they are coming back in May!!  The Rogue Bar in Scottsdale, get out there and support them.  I'll try to get the date, stay tuned on FB to check them out live.  And as far as the herpes, yes, leave that in California.  We don't need that here, YO!  You can check out Gone Baby Gone on Facebook, or you can listen to some tunes on Reverb.   Check out these crazy kids!

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